• FAQs


 Where are your cables made?

Our cables are made in Oakville Ontario Canada using genuine Gotham Audio-Furutech-Hubbell-Neutrik-Sonarquest components.

Do you make custom cables?

We can make an assortment of lengths and configurations of cables. Simply send us an email and we can discuss design and price.

How do we measure our cable lengths?

Our approach to cable length is True measurement. How we accomplish this is by adding on 3 inches to the desired length of the cable to get the actual length. What this means in real terms is for a meter long cable we would cut 42 inches versus 39" so that when the cable is built you get 39" between the connectors. We apply this approach regardless of the length of the cable.

How does cable break-in work?

Cable break-in works by sending a sophisticated electronic waveform. This waveform is a combination of wideband noise and variable frequency amplitude modulation. The result is the breaking in of  both low and high frequency characteristics of conductors and insulators. This process takes 72 hours and is done prior to shipping of the cables.

Where do you ship to?

We ship across Canada. We utilize Canada Post and ship Expedited. All products are shipped from our shop in Oakville. There is no drop shipping or any other type of logistical model thus ensuring that the product you ordered is shipped directly from us to you and will arrive at your location within 7-10 days or sooner.

What is your return policy?

Within 30 days of purchase you can return our product. Shipping cost will be responsible of the customer returning the product. Product will be inspected and provided product is in good condition a full refund will be issued.

What is your warranty policy?

We guarantee our cables for a period of 3 years of manufacturing defects. What this means if a solder or connectors fail’s we will repair or replace the cable at no charge. Return shipping costs of the cable will be the responsibility of the customer. Shipping of the repaired or new cable will be the responsibility of Bronte Cable Company.

 Do you sell on Canuck Audio Mart?

Yes. In fact we list all of our cables that are sale priced on CAM. Please search under user Bronte Cable Company or search under Gotham.