Gotham Audio-Neutrik 10561 AES Digital Cable 1 Meter

Gotham Audio-Neutrik 10561 AES Digital Cable 1 Meter

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This cable is for the crowd looking for Next Level Audiophile Sound Quality and Ultra Low Noise in a digital cable. To achieve this level of performance takes 5 times shielding which results in a cable that not only performs but looks the part. At 8mm OD this cable is large in stature but is still flexible to be routed to your components and DAC with no issues.
Like all our cables we pre-burn in our cables with Frybaby3 for 72 hours to ensure that when you receive your cables they perform right out of the box.


  • Studio-Audiophile grade
  • Maximum performance-value
  • 110 Ohm compliant
  • 5 times shielded
  • Double Reussen shielding
  • Flexible
  • O.D 8 mm
  • Marine blue
  • XL Neutrik XLR ringed purple
  • 72 Hours Pre-burn

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions